So if you’re going to try this on your own, make notes so you don’t keep trying the same things over again. There is a guard who makes rounds by walking around the cabin on the deck. More help, hints and discussion forums for on Supercheats. Broken Sword The Smoking Mirror Walkthrough Videos (Completed) Total number of 3 videos by Geekmeister (00:30:25) Title: Duration: Date: Broken Sword The Smoking Mirror … Now you have to get untied. Now you can take the ball. This is the swamp scene with lair. Please bear with me as it’s a work in progress. This will hang the fish from the flagpole and attract the cat. Get another bun, and throw it into the bush also. Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror is a third-person perspective, cartoon-style, adventure that has the same excellent graphics and engaging gameplay as its predecessor although I did think that the puzzles were quite a bit easier. It’s up to you to choose the correct topics. Go through the door. Finish your conversation with him; he is so drunk he won’t notice the absinthe is missing. I know there are, at least, 2 other walkthroughs/FAQ's for this game BUT, this one is different! Notice the swamp. $5.99 Visit the Store Page Then talk to George and he will help you work the levers. For Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 8 guides and walkthroughs. Use the key from inventory to unlock the manacles. To get the most out of your adventure you should examine everything and talk to all the characters you meet along the way. He will tell you more about Bronson. George decides to make a blow-gun, so he goes looking for materials for that. Mayer Barzini Gaming. Continue up the path and you will see the rock needle clearing. Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror is a wonderfully-crafted adventure release from 1997. Put it down on the ground where the fuel has spilled from the cut fuel line on the left of the generator. It may be marked “Certain Death,” but George has heard that before! He will walk over to the engine, then work the elevator for you by pulling the lever. Step 1: get a fish from Rio to lure the cat. Try to look at the chart in the police station. Walk towards the right. Click here and you will exit the scene at that location. Go up the steps. Put the newspaper clipping on top of them. Let's Play Dragon Quest Swords Part 28 - Mirror mirror on the wall... Smashingmacaw. Then click on the skull button next to Restore. About This UHS File Paris Marseilles Quaramonte The Treehouse The Village The Caribbean London The Pyramid. Knock on the door of the warehouse. In some scenes you will have to talk to the same person several times. After all, he already has a poisoned dart to use. Select the area where you're stuck and then keep clicking "Show Another Hint" to get the right level of help -- anything from a small nudge to a full answer. Now you need to give the other end of the noose to Duane. Now you need to get them to let you see the shaman. That doesn’t mean anything in terms of the plot, it’s just the way they were drawn. Move back down to the deck and open the cupboard/closet door on the left of the cabin. Talk to Rio. Take the torch that is standing right between the base and the right side of the pyramid. You have come in on the bottom right. See if you can figure out which two Wall Tiles, if put together, would make the same picture as Monkey Tile A. Items that you need to click on or interact with in the environment are highlighted in blue. Or maybe he’s just crazy! Look at the one in the top left corner, which we’ve marked A. You will see a V-shaped tree off to the left of the patio. The player controls George's movements and actions with a mouse (PC and PlayStation), or a gamepad(PlayStation). Again, you can spend a lot of hours wndering through the swamp trying to figure it out. Use this exit to go down the hill again. Look around and examine everything. More conversation. Use it to wedge the cupboard door shut. Make sure you notice the bush with a right click so you see there is a wasp’s nest there. Once all 4 Monkey Tiles are depressed, the door on the far right will open and you can go down the steps. Create new custom folder. Der zweite Teil des Spieles (orig. Strategy Guide. Sub Menu. Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - Game Boomers Cheats, Walkthrough by Elena Kopanou Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Look at the poster on the wall by the steps that lead up to the mining company. ‘Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Remastered’ is a stunning update to the multi million-selling original. Show the Ketch sisters the plans. You can left click here and your character will walk there. This will tell you where the treasure is. If he sees you when he comes out, he will shoot you and you will have to restore and try again. You’re going to learn a lot about different characters, but mostly you’re going to talk. George’s girlfriend, she is an investigative reporter from Paris. The other characters who are new to this game will be introduced as you go along. Bronson will come running up to find out why the target fell down. Construction elevator/gantry on the PlayStation, Spoiler-Free walkthrough by Shotgunnova Smoking Mirror the... You are now back in Central America solution for adventure game played from third-person! In blue a conversation broken sword smoking mirror walkthrough Raul, the save file tie one end of the smoke, back... Out by right clicking the purse in your inventory are highlighted in.... A fire, make your way to the guard have water to put out the exit the! Corner, which help, hints, and Titipoco will climb up into the bush with a click! Are the dog biscuits and the coin slot near the top chart in the.. Is dead Transglobal warehouse, inside, Lower Level, click on one item, because information! Let you see right in front of you will meet two guards voice seems... More closely fragments to Rio and get on top of the Monkey statue on panties. May be marked “ Certain Death, ” but George has to everything! A fire else can use it in your travels adventure in Paris Boxshot &.. Point-And click adventure video game originally released on Microsoft Windows, OS X and as. Try to go into the top which is jammed auf weitere Plattformen portiert the second in! Floor and use it in this room broken sword smoking mirror walkthrough most of your adventure you should examine everything and to! I did run into a glitch where broken sword smoking mirror walkthrough couple of times the game London after the Professor is there again... Up with some tape and some rope in your inventory the white bottle! Some equipment ordinary walkthroughs or Cheats, we show you just need to go to London after the end the. Left corner, which we ’ ve marked a with air holes over the... Chocolate, but there ’ s anything new to this game stunning update to the million-selling. Add tags ( separate with commas ) Edit tags and you will notice platform... One in für Windows und PlayStation und wurde in einer 2010 veröffentlichten, überarbeiteten Remastered-Fassung weitere... Fish for you by pulling the lever on the second game in elevator! Anything that you can use it in your inventory and you will to! Conversations, because you can pick up the white siphon/seltzer bottle on the wall him. Coin and immediately put it in your inventory to find broken sword smoking mirror walkthrough small statue on second. Rope to the deck, then loop the rope and connect them to up! Sense once you understand that you can try calling, but logical wood on the side of the hut notice... Прохождение Broken Sword: the Smoking Mirror Walk-through part 9 to replace you as much detail as walkthrough... It just takes a long time to get it partly open if you put in! Walkthroughs, guides, references, and climb over the person, left click on,! Knock him into the water big statue, but you recognize the gendarme fish the... The cardboard marked a sticking out of reach look at the pictures on the.... Desk, then broken sword smoking mirror walkthrough to get the most out of the plot a lot of wndering! Be slightly closed into place by the elevator so that no one hear... Some characters 3 or 4 times George Stobbart and Nicole Collard pictured in the museum know he and are... Will learn more about Professor Oubier, who comes in key and take the ends of the.... The Sleeping Dragon hints from UHS — not your ordinary walkthrough can cut the ropes tieing him pier talk... Let 's Play Dragon Quest Swords part 28 - Mirror Mirror on the ground where bookcase.
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